• Stog Review0 February 3, 2012 11:21 pm

    Stog is an all-American e-cig brand that’s light on gimmicks and heavy of flavour. The product comes in a plain white box. On it, a small red white and blue logo [...]

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    Halo are a stylish, innovative brand that appears dedicated to advancing e-cig technology for the good of their customers. The way Halo put it, their G6 is part of the ‘next [...]

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    Firebrand is definitely the heavy metal brand of e-cigs. With names for components like Hellfire, Phoenix, and Diablo the branding has a certain hellish charm. From the black cases to the [...]

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    The Aqua Vapor E Cigarette is an extremely solid e-cig that delivers on taste and overall vaping experience. It’s an ideal product for anyone who’s tried other e-cigs, and wants [...]

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    Volcano is a very rock and roll brand. In fact, it’s probably the coolest alternative to smoking you’ll find in an e-cig. Most anyone who’s tried all the various quitting methods [...]

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    White cloud is possibly the best-produced, most reliable, high-quality e-cig available anywhere. Their quality control is second to none, which is why they can boast having extraordinarily high rates of customer [...]